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Renishaw Agility CMM

High Performance 5-axis Measurement System

AGILITY® CMMs with 5-axis technology

AGILITY® CMMs deliver REVO® 5-axis measurement speed, accuracy and flexibility to the shop floor and the lab, with Renishaw’s manufacturing quality and innovative technology. The AGILITY range of CMMs will help to increase the throughput and quality of your manufacturing with fully integrated dimensional measurement and surface roughness inspection. From the use of high-quality materials and components to the full optimisation of 5-axis measurement technology, AGILITY CMMs provide a high-speed, high-performance solution for the shop floor or metrology lab.


Premium accuracy

The L range of CMMs delivers the performance needed by manufacturers operating in the top end of aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics and other precision engineering sectors. The most accurate machine has sub-micron accuracy, and even the largest L 163512 is specified at under 2 µm.

High throughput

The 5-axis functionality helps meet the throughput challenges of a machine operating in a controlled environment as an integral part of the manufacturing process. Fast inspection turnaround of development parts and production samples ensures verification is as efficient as possible.

Ultimate multi-sensor flexibility throughput

Combining the infinite positioning of the REVO probe head with the most comprehensive range of sensors, AGILITY L machines are an ideal platform for developing new products and manufacturing processes. The surface finish probe will reach features previously inaccessible. The non-contact sensors will capture surface data without touching the part. The ultrasonic thickness probe simplifies inspection routines and often eliminates the need for part reorientation.

AGILITY L CMMs with 5-axis multi-sensor technology for laboratories


Designed for shop floor environments

The S range of CMMs provides the ability to accurately measure parts in shop floor environments without temperature control. The rapid data capture speeds provided by 5-axis measurement reduce inspection cycle times, helping production departments keep pace with high volume manufacture. The systems work well in both stand-alone and fully automated production lines.

AGILITY S CMMs are available with working volumes ranging from 700 x 900 x 600 mm up to 1600 x 2400 x 1200 mm (X x Y x Z), plus variants with a raised working volume to accommodate pallet loading systems or rotary tables. All shop floor models have elevated Y-axis guideways for further stability and protection from airborne contaminants. The larger S frames feature a dual drive and dual scale Y-axis configuration.

AGILITY S 5-axis multi-sensor CMMs for the shop floor