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Bridge CMM

COORD3 Bridge CMM Products

COORD3 manual & DCC air bearing bridge configuration CMMs offer advanced measuring platforms.
Available in bridge widths from 400mm to 2000mm and offering the most comprehensive range of CMM models sizes in the market to accommodate your specific measurement requirements. Bridge CMMs can be equipped with Renishaw touch/scanning probes and Perceptron laser scanning sensors suitable for all measuring applications.
New Coord3 CMM


Economical high-performance cmm for high-precision inspection of small and medium-sized parts.
Coord3 benchmark
The COORD3 BENCHMARK small measuring volume bridge CMM is available in manual & DCC versions and offers a high-performance budget CMM with a small machine footprint due to its half-gantry design. The BENCHMARK CMM can be equipped with the latest Renishaw 5 axis, infinite positioning, PH20 measuring system. The manual BENCHMARK can also be upgraded to full DCC later in the field allowing for a phased investment in the latest CMM technology. BENCHMARK is the ideal small shop CMM.
COORD3 BENCHMARK Small Bridge CMMs are available with the following measuring strokes and available in both manual and DCC versions. (X.Y.Z mm):


High performance for dimensional inspection for metrology applications in different fields.
cmm BRIDGE | ares

Ares have a low overall height, lower than most CMMs on the market, and are also available with a low-section stand to reduce the overall height by an additional 100 mm.
This feature makes the Ares the ideal solution for control laboratories with low ceilings.

Two levels of performance are available:
COORD3 ARES Small Bridge CMMs are available with the following measuring strokes (X.Y.Z mm):


The new generation of CMMs, the result of 50 years of Coord3 experience.
Ideal for both traditional point-to-point measurements and more advanced scanning cycles using both contact and laser technology. The exceptional structural rigidity of the UNIVERSAL series makes it particularly suitable for use with 5-axis scanning systems and for measuring gears and gear wheels.

The features are specially designed to reduce the number of parts, simplify construction, and reduce costs and maintenance time.

The COORD3 UNIVERSAL series integrates, for the first time in the market, the automatic temperature compensation system with wireless technology. The fully automatic system dynamically corrects errors induced by environmental temperature changes in the 16-26°C temperature range. In addition, the use of high-resolution optical scales (0.1 µm) untethered from the substrate avoids distortions induced by deformation of the main structure.

To enable the installation in production environments of a CMM with high dynamic performance, the UNIVERSAL series can be equipped with the environmental monitoring system.

COORD3 UNIVERSAL Vertical Bridge CMMs are available with the following measuring strokes (X.Y.Z mm):
Measuring strokes shown in mm Note: Additional X lengths available upon request


Bridge CMMs for measuring large mechanical parts without the need for dedicated foundations.

The sturdy structure and complete structure protection system through guards and gussets enable the Kronos series to operate in various types of production environments, from the metrology room to manufacturing environments.

COORD3 Kronos Large Bridge CMMs are available with the following measuring strokes (X.Y.Z mm):
Note: Longer X table lengths available upon special request including 5000mm, 6000mm, 8000mm and 10000mm