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Horizontal Arm CMM

COORD3 Bridge CMM Products

Horizontal Arm CMMs are the ideal solution to measure thin walled components.

Such as automotive car bodies, sheet-metal panels, vehicle doors, glass and dashboards together with the inspection of mechanical parts such as engine blocks and transmission castings, aeronautical and automotive components. COORD3 Horizontal Arm systems are modular in design and available both in single and dual arm versions and can be supplied in rail or table mount configurations. Machines can be supplied shop-hardened for applications requiring installation outside of the metrology room. The table support system is designed to minimize foundation requirements.

Available in bridge widths from 400mm to 2000mm and offering the most comprehensive range of CMM models sizes in the market to accommodate your specific measurement requirements.
New Coord3 CMM


Horizontal arm measuring system with longitudinal x guide fixed to the ground ("runway" architecture).
CMM Horizontal Arm Swan-SI
The Swan SI series offers a technically advanced and cost-effective solution for the dimensional inspection of thin-walled sheet metal or plastic components typical in the automotive industry.
SWAN SI CMMs has air bearings on both the X-axis and Z-axis that ensure a high-performance, high-precision result. The X-axis guide is located on the side of the cast iron or granite support surface.
The lightweight and sturdy moving carriage constructed entirely of light aluminum alloy and the double mechanical guideway system with recirculating ball bearings on the X spar ensure reliability, precision, and speed of measurement.
The SWAN SI can be installed on a pneumatic vibration isolation system for use in manufacturing settings, without the need for a dedicated machine foundation.
COORD3 SWAN Horizontal Arm Table mount CMMs are available with the following measuring strokes:
*Per arm measuring stroke. Dual machine arms overlap by 100mm per arm
MPEP from 12 microns
MPEE from 12 + 15L/1000 ≤ 40


Horizontal arm measuring system with longitudinal x guide fixed to the side of the work surface ("console" architecture).
CMM Horizontal Arm Swan-L
The Swan l series of CMMs with a horizontal arm installed on rails (tracks) allows the machine to be installed flush with the factory floor.
Its floor-mounted rail covers allow control of large, heavy parts resting either on a separate floor or on a ground-mounted or automated system.
“Console” architectures with integral workpiece table are extremely modular and easy to configure, providing flexibility and programmability typical of CMMs with the speed and intuitive use of traditional measuring gauges.
COORD3 SWAN L CMMs are available with the following measuring strokes (Y.Z mm):


Horizontal arm measuring system with longitudinal x guideway fixed to the ground ("runway" architecture) with a shrouded moving arm.
CMM Horizontal Arm JUPITER
The Jupiter is a reliable high-performance cmm for direct use in manufacturing developed specifically for body and subassembly inspection applications.

The JUPITER CMM is track-designed and is available in single- or double-arm configurations. It is fully encapsulated to provide thermal insulation from environmental changes and includes protection from contamination from the shop floor.

The open recessed structure, walkable guards protecting X-slide, and fully fairing structure ensure maximum accessibility to the measuring area and simplify loading/unloading operations, as well as enabling use directly in production areas.
High dynamics and superior precision distinguish this CMM, which can be installed flush with the plant floor and is equipped with floor guide liners as standard.
Air bearings for both the Y and Z axes are the key elements for a high-performance measurement solution. In the double-arm configuration, the measuring volumes of the two horizontal arms overlap by 100 mm to enable complete measurements of the entire structure.
JUPITER COORD3 CMMs are available with the following measuring strokes (Y.Z mm):