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CMM Upgrades

Upgrade your CMM today with the revolutionary Renishaw Equipment.


Upgrade your CMM today with the revolutionary Renishaw 5-axis and PH10 plus probe systems.

With over 25 years of retrofit experience, Omni-Tech can perform a CMM upgrade from a simple probe sensor to a complete rebuild of any CMM machine. Retrofitting can include the installation of new software, controls, scale systems, drive upgrades and the latest Renishaw probe sensor systems.
Revo 2 Multi-sensor 5-axis measurement system


REVO-2 5-axis measurement system

A REVO-2® system delivers high performance scanning, non-contact inspection and surface finish analysis on a single CMM.
The REVO® system uses synchronized motion and 5-axis measurement technology to minimize the dynamic effects of CMM motion at ultra-high measurement speeds.


Now, 5-axis motion technology is available for touch trigger applications on CMM structures of all sizes.

The PH20 5-axistouch-trigger system is an innovative measurement product from Renishaw that is improving the performance of CMM touch-trigger probes.

CMM Controllers

The heart of any Omni-Tech CMM Retrofit is Renishaw’s range of UCC universal CMM controllers.
Providing precise control of the motion of the machine, interfacing to all Renishaw sensors, and communications with today’s latest metrology CMM software. Renishaw’s UCC flexible controllers provide advanced touch-trigger and scanning algorithms, which allow fast, accurate, adaptive part measurement.

Nikon Laser Scanners

Omni-Tech offers both the L100 and L15 Nikon CMM Scanning Lasers.

Omni-Tech can provide the latest Nikon 3D Laser Scanner technology. Whether you’re looking for a new CMM or upgrade your existing CMM equipment, we have you covered. Nikon Scanners can convert your CMM into versatile, multi-sensor solutions capable of quickly digitizing complex parts of any shape or size.
Nikon Laser Scanners 3D technology for CMM

Quality Policy Statement:

Omni-Tech is fully committed to the supply of quality service which fully conforms to the needs, expectations and requirements of the customer.