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CMM Equipment

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New Coord3 CMM

The COORD3 Comprehensive Coordinate Measuring Machine.
New Coord3 CMM

The COORD3 comprehensive Coordinate Measuring Machine range offer advanced measuring platforms from a budget bench-top CMM for small part inspection to some of the largest Gantry CMMs every produced and in active service throughout aerospace, defense and heavy equipment industries. COORD3 CMMs are produced from advanced alloy technology offering much enhanced performance over the heavy and slow granite structures belonging to a bygone era. CMMs can be equipped with Renishaw touch/scanning probes and Perceptron laser scanning sensors suitable for all applicable manufacturing measuring applications.

New Coord3 CMM

Used/Upgraded CMM

Omni-Tech has been performing the engineering required to upgrade Coordinate Measuring Machines for over 25 years.
Each used CMMs Omni-Tech offered is completely remanufactured from the ground up to better than new condition. We do not sell used CMM Equipment we sell remanufactured Coordinate Measuring Machines.

Our remanufactured USED CMMs (Coordinate Measuring Machines) typically include:

  • New airlines, new wiring
  • Renishaw I++ UCC controllers with Joystick
  • New scales, 0.1um digital encoders
  • Air bearings are refurbished checked or replaced if required
  • Granite is repaired and machine is repainted
  • Complete system verification with in house calibration
  • Controller Desk and Computer System with 24” Monitor or Touchscreen
  • Several Software Option
In addition we are able to supply remanufactured used CMM equipment with the latest PH20, REVO 5-axis probe systems and the full line of Perceptron CMM laser scanners. These types of probing equipment and laser scanners installed on existing equipment is a very effective and economical method of gaining today’s required inspection performance for CMMs in the areas of accuracy, application and cycle time out of an older stable CMM frame.
Each remanufactured used CMM that Omni-Tech offers is fully tested and calibrated in house and is backed by a full warranty ensuring that the machine will exceed our customers’ expectations.

Purchasing a remanufactured used CMM from Omni-Tech will give you the peace of mind that you are purchasing a fully tested CMM that is ready to go to work the day it is installed.

AGILITY® CMMs with 5-axis technology

A range of CMMs with enhanced reliability, capability and precision

AGILITY CMMs have been designed and made for speed and accuracy, building on Renishaw’s unrivalled reputation for innovation in the most demanding industry sectors.

Access an in-depth presentation of the benefits AGILITY CMMs can deliver to your business.

Maximum uptime and performance

Renishaw Lightning Drive™ brushless linear motors deliver smooth, backlash-free axial motion without complicated drive belt mechanisms that can wear over time. Friction and noise are significantly reduced, providing unrivalled reliability and performance.

Quality Policy Statement:

Omni-Tech is fully committed to the supply of quality service which fully conforms to the needs, expectations and requirements of the customer.